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I have two issues regarding space / margin / padding in Product Pages.

The theme is ShoppingCart by Theme Freesia, but I have already posted two different topics there about other two issues; one I was able to solve, the other is still there waiting for some help.

1. The products page in my client’s online store have a nice margin (or padding) when viewed in the computer screen. When I open any product page in a mobile phone or tablet, the text is just right on the margin line. Very ugly. How can I add a padding or margin on top, left and right sides? (bottom doesn’t need, I think)

Screenshot: No Margin Example

2. This other spacing issue, there is way too much space between the text fields in the products that use text fields. See screenshots, please. The text fields are provided by a 3rd party plugin, but the thing is: the site was using another theme until a few days ago and the spaces between text fields were nice, so I assume the culprit is not the text fields plugin. The very same products now, have that extra large vertical space.

Screenshot: Big space between text fields example

I hope these issues are easy to fix, since the theme’s support is very slow to reply.

Thank you!

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