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Hi, @barbichette
Can you share a link of your website with us? (Please note the link will be public and will not be later removed)

Do you use any site builder that has components/templates? I’ve seen this before when someone accidentally duplicated some elements in a builder.

Kind regards.

Hiiii Vlad!! I’m sorry I can’t share it because it’s hosted on my uni server therefore I can’t give logs! :((

And I do not think I use any site builder!

Thank you very much for the help

Then you can try to

  • disable all plugins
  • switch to a default theme (Twenty Twenty-One)

If the problem goes away, enable the plugins one by one to identify the source of your troubles.

As an alternative, if you want to make these changes only for your eyes, without affecting normal visitors to your site, install Health Check Plugin

1. Under Tools > Site Health, on the Troubleshooting tab, click on the Enable Troubleshooting Mode button to disable all plugins and change the theme to a default one (just for yourself, while you’re still logged in).

2. Then, by using the options displayed at /wp-admin, you can turn on/off plugins and themes, one at the time and check what plugin is the cause of your problem.

3. Don’t forget to Disable Troubleshooting Mode when you’re done.

See for more information.

Hope this helps,
Kind regards!

Hi again!

Thank you Vlad it was my sticky plugin! After I disabled it, the problem was resolved!

Thank you again you’re the greatest!! <3

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