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If you look at the code the top of post-like.php contains

Name:  WordPress Post Like System
Description:  A simple and efficient post like system for WordPress.
Version:      0.5.2
Author:       Jon Masterson
Author URI:

Compare that to the minimum required

Plugin Name versus Name

 * Plugin Name: YOUR PLUGIN NAME

But regardless – this is old – take a look at the issues here

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Because there is no code to do that – it was never released – read the description

Coming in November December January? Soon
We have been working hard on many updates to this system, two new plugins, and documentation. It’s taking a bit longer than expected, so please bear with us.

That was 5 years ago.

Good luck – but I really think you are just digging yourself hole.

This Post Like System will soon be offered as a free and premium plugin. The free plugin will have everything the current system does, but will be easier to manage from the WordPress admin (no more implementation errors). The premium plugin will offer AJAX widgets for Most Liked Lists that will update & respond to likes without a screen refresh, and can be managed from the WordPress admin.

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Well the back end had everything i neede anyways and can be modified.


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