Lost mysql password, deleted mysql now it will not install



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How to install WordPress

thanks but ive been trying for over an hour, like picking up jello with pliers, or the links are just practical jokes. download here? just kidding if its tuesday then lift one foot and click here? oh you only had 2 seconds, the link is gone. wont be back for 7 days. just kidding heres the link? oh you missed it. Mysql? enterprise edition only $5000 whats your visa number? free mysql? details about freeing up memory in some mysql version. mysql for windows? nothing found, try again when youre sober. ok lets try PHP, download here. open the folder. no setup.exe no setup period. do I need a psychic to toss magic sand on it and it then connects to the OS and is setup that way?

try mySQL again. got the connector/NET maybe installed. so is the database installing? nothing is happening. Oh, you have to already have it installed in order for it to work?

This all got installed in 15 seconds the first time I did platform installer, which is total garbage. was it some high school project that never got finished? i want to hold up a baseball bat and threaten the computer, but that probably wont work either, I did that before. note, always!! wear face protection when you smash stuff with a bat! had 2 black eyes for over a week. guess I lost that battle.

Ive installed word press 6 or 7 times, had it working before, but this is out of control, no instructions to resolve where its at, no way to install mysql, no way to launch the PHP interface, instructions that dont have enough detail

maybe the lack of sleep is starting to show. sorry.

so anyway Im trying the instructions but its not doing what I expect

Steve Stern


Support Team Volunteer

Your issue is NOT, at this time, installing WordPress. It’s fixing up the mess you made when you removed MySQL.

This might be a good place to start: https://www.google.com/search?q=install+mysql+free+on+Windows and/or https://www.google.com/search?q=install+mariadb+on+windows

Once you have a working database server, you can move on to WordPress.

I can’t help much more than that as I don’t use Windows. 🙂

Thanks It started working, if you did something, thanks! I installed mysql 5.7 set it all up, then did platform installer again, this time it downloaded mysql again but ver 5.1 and said error setting up mysql, you lose. Then I ran it again, this time it installed, dont know why it works but got into wordpress.

I really miss using linux, so easy and direct, just open a terminal and say it directly

Now that asp.net Core runs linux? when the hardware gets here its going to be the new system setup.

So I guess the problem is solved. but how does one open the PHP admin window?

Steve Stern


Support Team Volunteer

>> if you did something <<

No one here has access to your site. We do not host it. We do not have logins to it. It’s YOUR site, not ours.

>> but how does one open the PHP admin window? <<

I don’t do Windows.

Thanks Steve, well at least your good energy may have helped BUT its setup now, have the pages, but it only serves to localhost. Im remoted in to that windows machine and on google chrome on the machine I can see the wordpress pages.

on my home pc? it says (site name) took too long to respond.

I cannot get it to serve my wordpress site. this is Windows Server 2014 and its setup in the IIS config.

Cannot see it except on the local machine. how to make it work? thanks

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