Looking for references for WordPress developers

in the past, I have developed custom modules for other CMSs like Joomla!, Drupal and Plone.
Now I’m trying to develop custom modules and plugins for WordPress.

I’d like to implement a custom content, “car” for example, that has its own table.
The fields of this content-type should be in the “cars” table.
I’d like to implement also a view with all my “cars” and a view to add and edit the cars.
I need also a module to manage all these cars and the preferences of this subsystem.

I’m looking for books and manuals that explain how to work with WordPress at a deeper level.
There are a lot of resources, but maybe you have already read a book that deals with these topics.

I know that there is the official documentation that is very useful, but it deals with specific topics and not about how to project a complex system based on WordPress.

Thank you for any suggestion


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