Login trouble, impossible to access to wordpress! sos

James Huff


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We always clic on ‘lost your password’ enter the e-mail and then we never received anything.

Please try the steps at https://wordpress.org/support/article/resetting-your-password/#through-phpmyadmin

That will walk you through changing the password, and double-checking the username/email, directly in the database. You’ll find phpMyAdmin in the hosting account’s control panel.

As for not receiving the password reset email, either the email address is incorrect, or it sounds like your hosting provider has disabled PHP’s mail() function, which is used by WordPress to send you email notifications, and is also used by contact form plugins and more.

This is a common safeguard employed by hosting providers when they suspect that another customer on the same server is sending spam emails directly from the server.

Another alternative is that PHP’s mail() function is still active, but spammer activity from the server has already caused any email sent from it to be blacklisted. This would result in the emails being sent, but never received by any email address with basic anti-spam capabilities.

You can check this by leaving a comment on your site and checking if you receive an email. Another alternative would be to use the Health Check plugin and sending yourself a test email from the plugin’s Tools tab to see if it works.

If you didn’t receive a test email, you could try using an SMTP plugin to configure your WordPress site to use your email’s outgoing mail server instead of PHP’s mail() function.

She already ask on the forum, never received a feedback about it

Would you please give us the link to that request? I’d like to track down what happened there.

Hello, thanks for your feedback! It appears really complicated wow…. I try to download PhP_Admin but I can’t open it either.. There’s nothing in my application… I’m totally lost sorry..

Do I need to check on my hébergeur Dream Host ?

I leave a comment, and same problem : no e-mail.

Which link do you need ? This one : http://www.camillejeanjean.com/wp-login ?
The mail is

Many thanks

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James Huff


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I try to download PhP_Admin

You don’t download phpMyAdmin. As mentioned, you’ll find it in your hosting account’s control panel.

If you’re with DreamHost, follow the steps at https://help.dreamhost.com/hc/en-us/articles/214395638-phpMyAdmin-overview and then follow the steps at https://wordpress.org/support/article/resetting-your-password/#through-phpmyadmin

Which link do you need ?

Assuming you’re referring to “Would you please give us the link to that request? I’d like to track down what happened there.” I need the link to that support request here on these forums, to where you said “She already ask on the forum.”

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