Locating and renaming site folder after Bitnami localhost installation

Greetings to all,

I’m a non-tech newbie totally new to WordPress, servers, and all. I’ve just installed a localhost Bitnami package (v. 5.4.2-1) on a Win 8.1 laptop. I simply validated the default paths, labels, names, etc. that popped up during the process, then started to fumble around learning to set up a website.

From what I’ve understood, this site is entirely contained within the following directory named “wordpress”:
(This folder in turn contains the following subfolders: bin, conf, htdocs,
licenses, and tmp)

Is my guess correct?

If it’s the case, can I rename that “wordpress” folder by using my Windows Explorer, or do I have to do it through the WordPress or myPHP admin access? I plan to create several separate projects, hence the need for specific names.

I haven’t done much work on the first site yet, but I wouldn’t want to mess things up at this stage, either.

Big thanks for your help!

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