Local instal does not import posts and content


I am trying to re-activate an old blog of mine locally.
I have database backups as .zip files and the content of the public.html folder from my previous host downloaded to my harddisk.

I first created a new database using phpmyadmin in Mamp and imported my database backup to this. Looking at the databases post tables I can see all the posts from the old blog.

Then, I move the contents from the public.html folder to the new folder for wordpress installtions that I specified in Mamp.

I change the wp-config.php so that it reflects the new database name, user and password are set to root and host to localhost.

When opening http://localhost:8888/name_of_my_site/wp-admin I get into the install process as usual. The site installs and it has all the plugins and themes I had installed previously.

But it misses all the content: no posts, no media, no nothing, just the clean site using the default theme.

Where did I go wrong? Thank you very much for your help!

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