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I am creating a website for my client for accepting different loans (education loan, home loan and auto loan). The borrower will register on the website via a contact form. I am using Alister Bank – Credits & Banking Finance WordPress Theme. I want a CRM plugin in WordPress that I can integrate on my website. I want the below functionalities on the website:

1) I want the borrower applying for any type of loan to mandatorily register on the site with their email Id prior to applying for the loan so that they can create their unique user Id. The new registration details should be automatically mailed to the WordPress admin and to my other team members as well.

2) I want to grant access to my team members on the website with their unique logins and give them access rights based on their roles (Assistant Manager, Manager, etc.) so that they can check the loan applications online

3) I want my team members to be able to communicate with the loan applicants via chat and email or even Skype (when they are logged into Skype).

4) I want the borrowers to be able to check their loan application status online by logging into the website with their unique login Id created while applying for the loan.

5) If admin accept the borrower application then borrowers will be able to see that acceptance on their account by logging into website using their log-in credentials.

Please let me know if there’s any plugin on WordPress for the above. This is urgent please.

Thanks – Faizan

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