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I am looking for a plugin for a restaurant, so customers can place orders for their table so the waiter don’t have to take the orders for at the table.

A lot of the plugins I found are for food ordering for delivery and only available to place 1 order per customer, and the customer cannot place more orders on the same receipt/table. The plugin must have the following feature/requirement:

    Customer can select a table where he/she sit.
    Customer can order food/drinks for the table.
    Customer can request a waiter for help.
    Customer can request for the bill.
    Waiter can see the orders per table on the computer.
    Plugin must able to print the order on a thermal printer attached to the computer or network.
    Administrator can add/edit/delete categories and menu items.
    Administrator can add additional name for the menu item, so it can printed on the kitchen printer.

I hope someone can help me find a such a plugin or a similar plugin.
Thank yuou in advance!

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