Link colour will not change in header

I’m only a newb and have my own issues 🙂

2 things I notice.

1) your homepage header and podcast page header are different? Should you not be using a global header on all pages?
2) Wherever the 2nd header on podcast is from needs to have the ‘hover’ text colour changed.

Like I say, bit of a newb and still finding my way around things.

In post-626.css the link is defined blue:

(…) .aux-item-content {color:#00AFEF !important;}

Try to change this into white.



@potter_gold The headers use anchors to their specific pages so I had to make two separate headers. The hover text is set to blue, and the main colour is set to white – for both headers. I’m not sure if it’s something to do with a “visited link” colour, but I can’t seem to change that on Elementor anyway.

@willem0 Thanks a lot, this has worked. I’m not sure why it needs this CCS change as the other header doesn’t I’ll try to track it down.

Thanks a lot for the help everyone!

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