Learndash and ThemeREX Lorem Ipsum Theme

There are times when you need to just ‘bite the bullet’ and either give up on the theme you think you want to use, purchase the theme and its support service (if that’s available), hire a web dev, or else dig in and DIY.

You’ll also want to weigh the future issues you might have with that theme if it needs future attention. Then again this course might set you up for a derivative theme of your own with features you like that you might distribute and support for other users.

We can’t support commercial themes here as we don’t have access to them so the efforts we might make to help you are not sustainable long term.

Since you know that Twenty Nineteen works well for you the best fix may be to search the free themes repository here for a theme that comes close to what you need. It’s not guaranteed that any theme there will work in your setup but that’s a good place to start.


I’m also under the impression that Learn Dash can be a bit finicky about its environment (as any really good high powered plugin might be) so there’s considerations there also.

You might want to look at Learn Dash’s documentation for themes they might recommend or considerations thereof.

Thanks for your reply and motivation, you made me decide to change themes to one that’s recommended by learndash. Thanks again and take care!

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