Lead Injection Theme Modal Issue

Hi all,

On my landing page there is supposed to be a ‘modal’ or popup form that appears for a customer to fill out with their information. This page was originally made by someone I paid and I had to go in and make changes to the ‘Contact Form 7’ attached to this popup to add another field to it.

I went in and changed some code, tested it and it worked. Then I took out an anchor Menu heading because it was a promotion we aren’t running anymore. Now the links that usually make the modal appear are completely not working and it won’t appear 50% down the page as it is supposed to.

I am using the theme Lead Injection and have no idea what’s wrong or how I broke it. I have made other modals and attached them, but they also do not work at all.

Anyone know someway I can fix this/find out the problem?


The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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