lazy load iframes will break sites with ads

We need a super easy way to turn off lazy load of iframes in WP 5.7 as it will break sites where ads are placed by 3rd party ad agencies who use their own lazy load.

The whole idea of lazy load of images and iframes was a good idea – a year ago. But now that most browsers do it natively and/or site owners have their own way of doing it, I think it’s a horribly bad idea for WP to turn it on by default with no easy way for non-techie site owners to be able to turn it off.

We don’t want these site owners going into their code or having to add a plugin. There should be a checkbox in WP for every option like this that they add.

I posted this concern on the WP 5.7 forum and got zero replies. I hope here is the correct place to post it.

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