Landing page – for resllers

Hi all

I’m after ideas on setting up a landing page with a specific purpose.

We manufacture UV-C technology for COVID-19, and have two resellers currently. We’re making brochures and want to put ourwebsite/north then ourwebsite/south (for example), basically one landing page off the main site for each reseller

So, all click/links from North get attributed to the right reseller.

Also want to capture something quick, like;

Hey welcome to our site, hope we can help. Click the text box below for what state you’re from (insert map of Australia and each state can be clicked)

If this is too hard, then just a check box against the state or dropdown option.

Most important thing also is that I know when a visitor hits the main site, if they came from one of these two links.

We’re providing marketing materials for them and as the website is mine, I also get to recognise sales made by them and, this landing page is y proof.

This must be a very common thing, so hoping someone has the silver bullet answer!


The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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