Jetpack Subscribe Wdiget not working

The email input field has .required class, and your css sets .required to be display: none;.

Thanks for the reply – unfortunately I’m not an experienced coder – I do have an idea of what you are referring to but I can’t find the location where that is set in regards the relevant code – the main place I have looked is in the Theme Editor section but I think you are referring to the code for the actual widget and I’m not sure where that is held

Also, I notice that the screen print in the Jetpack Support info has the Widget title, Optional text to display and subscribe button.

In my Widget when I go to configure it after adding it to a Sidebar has Widget title, Optional text, Subscribe placeholder and the text in that field is Email and Subscribe button.

Also the theme I am using is the Adaptable Notes theme

Pls put below css in ‘Additional CSS’ of Appearance -> Customize page.

#subscribe-email .required {
  display: block;

Yeeeaaay, thank you so much – that has worked – appreciate your help 🙂

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