Issues Editing with New WordPress

I’ve had a lot of issues the past month too! I could not figure out a theme or app because even with deactivating them, or switching themes, I’d continue to have issues. I had a bit of being unable to do anything – it was resolved for a bit after contacting my host, though they claim they did nothing and the timing was a coincidence; that they couldn’t figure it out before. Well, then I had more issues, specifically with the editing. I do use the classic editor, and using it I was unable to add images, add tags, schedule future posts, set hyperlinks to open in new windows (though I could still add a hyperlink), etc. I found workarounds – adding images to the library, then copy/pasting… but I couldn’t choose size or “original width” as normal. FINALLY, I saw something this morning about downgrading using WP Downgrade – Specific Core Version app. I went back from 5.5 to 5.4 – having to activate the app, then click through to reinstall that version of WordPress – and now the editor features are working again. Obviously this is not ideal; ideally you want to be able to upgrade. And I’m not sure if this is WordPress, Classic Editor app, or another issue. But there are some serious bugs going on, and I was getting similar kinds of errors.

Anyone else having similar issues? Any other solutions that don’t require me to keep downgrading? I’m not the most computer-savvy though I manage, but I try to leave PHP/etc. to hosts and just build my sites using themes/plug-ins as much as I can. And no, I have no desire to use the block editor. Though I had used a block editor on Weebly before it was removed from my host, that one was actually easy to use! The WordPress one is a nightmare and so I much prefer the classic editor and hope it’ll keep working in the future.

Oh I went down from 5.5 to 5.4 btw.

Thank you for your help

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