Is WordPress Multisite appropriate for this project?

I’d used Dreamweaver to create a number of elaborate web sites for an artistic group, the last one in 2013.

A few weeks ago, the same group offered me the project of creating basic web sites for a series of domain names—at first, only three or four sites, but, if things go well, eventually, as many as 30+.

I will be the only one working on the sites for at least six months. All content is ready, domain names are registered, hosting is now being decided upon.

After many days of research, I’m confident that I can effectively use WordPress for this project, using it effectively while working through learning curves on-the-fly.

However, I don’t know whether or not WordPress Multisite is a tool I should implement. It seems like macro-managing a single full-install of WordPress makes more sense than managing multiple full-installs (one for each site), but, I wouldn’t want to unintentionally complicate things while, ironically, thinking that I’m simplifying them.

I have experience with FTP and Website Control Panels, and did some manual code-tweaking on my previous website projects, but my experience doesn’t approach the level of being a high-end Network Administrator, if that’s what would be needed to effectively use WordPress Multisite.

Is WordPress Multisite worth considering with this project?

If so, should I activate Multisite before even beginning to set up the first web site?

And, if so, should Multisite be set up by choosing the Sub-Domain or Sub-Directory option?

Or, would it make more sense to use multiple installs of WordPress (for whatever reason)–one for each individual web site?

To complete the background info–after saying that I want to ditch Dreamweaver in favor of WordPress, they are leaning toward purchasing a “Managed” WordPress Account (WordPress Starter) at Hostinger… but are open to suggestion.

Any advice would be appreciated—thank you!

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