Is it possible to migrate a website with just the REST API?

You can get the site’s public facing content that way, though it’ll be time consuming. I’m not confident of there being any tool to make the process easier. There would still be data that is not exposed to the API which you’ll not get, also internal settings that influence site operation will be missing. Of course support files like CSS and JS are not available through the API, but obviously you can get those over regular HTTP.

If the hosting account is still active, who ever is paying for it ought to be able to regain access through customer support. If the account is closed and the site just happens to still be accessible, it’s probably best to grab what you can by any means available while you still can.

Thanks! This was helpful. Unfortunately WP REST API looks like my only option to get everything before time runs out. On the plus side, this is a kind of interesting challenge in pushing the limits.

You can get the post contents of most WordPress sites using the REST API. If you want all posts from a site, and/or the site’s taxonomy, you’ll need to read the REST API documentation to find out how to do so.

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