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This site was deleted and we’re trying to restart it. We’ve upgraded to PHP7.3, have the latest WordPress, a theme installed (Consulting, if that’s important), and a maintenance mode plugin added.

I went to test the plugin, and it’s showing an index of/ error sometimes. There are no files listed alongside the error. Sometimes it shows the correct information/style etc. Sometimes it shows what’s behind the maintenance plugin.

It happens on different browsers, in private mode/incognito so it’s not a local cache.

I’ve only got one page which is designated the home page, which is static, but I’ve also tried just displaying the latest posts and its the same.

I’ve also tried to install an SSL today, could that be the issue?

It does seem to just affect the home page. If you try to go to (not a page) it shows the maintenance mode plugin.

I’ve looked at the settings of the plugin (IgniteUp) and they’re the same as I’ve used on other sites, so don’t think there’s a problem there.

Google results seem to say there’s no index.php file, but surely if it works sometimes there must be?

I don’t want to build a site if there’s a fundamental issue somewhere that means I have to start again!

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