tl;dr If you are a registered forum user with a Yahoo email then Yahoo will not accept any email from this site, wordpress.org.

Do not post your email address in these forums, as you will get spammed horribly.

Yahoo mail does not accept email from these forums. No one knows why. The Yahoo Mail system does not accept email from wordpress.org (this site). Every other reputable email system does.

*Drinks coffee*

Which means if you are a Yahoo mail user then you will not receive email or any notifications from here. That also means changing your account on the forums to another email provider will not work either. The email to approve that for you from this site won’t reach your Yahoo email account.

*More coffee, so good.*

The below only applies to WordPress forum accounts and not your own installation of WordPress or anywhere else.

If you are a Yahoo email user and you need to receive email for forum notifications or even a forum password reset then please do this:

  1. From your non-Yahoo email address, send all of the details to forum-password-resets@wordpress.org Again, do not post any email addresses here, you will be spammed if you do.
  2. Include your current wordpress.org forum account, your current Yahoo email and a link to this topic. That email is answered by a team so it will help them understand why you are contacting forum-password-resets that way.
  3. Your email address will be changed that way and you will receive instructions to reset your password for your new account.

After that you should be able to receive email from these forums to your non-Yahoo email account. Some will/may still go into your spam folder (it happens) but as long as you are not using Yahoo mail then you should be all good to go.

Edit January 6th, 2020: Do not create a new account with your non-Yahoo email address. If you do then you will have to use that new account and abandon the old one tied to the Yahoo email address.

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