Icons splitting in half when zooming in or zooming out

Hi, @arttua

Most likely this is controlled by your theme. Since you use a commercial theme (The Gem), please go to their official support channel. We feel they are best equipped to support their products.


Forum volunteers are not given access to commercial products, so we would not know why your commercial theme is not working properly. Commercial products are not supported in these forums.

If you switch to a default theme (TwentyTwentyOne) and the problem still persists, then it might be the page builder or some other plugin. If you come to the conclusion (after disabling plugins and ruling out what plugin is causing the problem) that it’s WPBakery, then please contact them at https://support.wpbakery.com/ (that is also a commercial plugin we can’t support here).

PS: If you want to make changes (disable plugins & change themes to identify the source of your problem) only for your eyes, without affecting normal visitors to your site, install Health Check Plugin

1. Under Tools > Site Health, on the Troubleshooting tab, click on the Enable Troubleshooting Mode button to disable all plugins and change the theme to a default one (just for yourself, while you’re still logged in).

2. Then, by using the options displayed at /wp-admin, you can turn on/off plugins and themes, one at the time and check what plugin is the cause of your problem.

3. Don’t forget to Disable Troubleshooting Mode when you’re done.

See https://make.wordpress.org/support/handbook/appendix/troubleshooting-using-the-health-check/ for more information.

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Thank you so much! I found the solution, it is a problem with the theme.

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