I have an SSL certificate, but my site is not secure?

The red padlock can happen if your websites has mixed content issues. You could either make sure that both URL values (WordPress Address and Site Address) at Settings > General include the HTTPS (not just HTTP), or install a mixed content/SSL plugin to do this for you. If the issue persists please post your domain name and I will help you check this further.

Camila, thank you for your answer! I’ve had the same problem with my old site, guys fixed it somehow but now I know what it was exactly. Will be more careful now with my new site!

Ok, I changed the links to https, however, now the padlock is yellow.

When I click on the pasdlock, it says “Parts of this page are not secure (such as images).

It seems there is more mixed content issues still happening on your site.

The next step is to try installing an SSL plugin.

If that still doesn’t help, then it will be useful to have your site’s URL.

Okay. I Installed a plugin. It looks like there are three file permissions that are under “WARNING status”. The rest of the files are “OK”.

Did installing an SSL plugin help with the padlock issues?

Also, would you please provide more details on those file permissions warnings?

For example, what are their filenames or where exactly do you see these “WARNING” and “OK” statuses?

At this moment, I’m unable to see the relation to the SSL original issue.

Installing the SSL plugin did not change it. The plugin that I installed is called “iThemes Security”.

Thanks for sharing more details. It seems there is a confusion with the type of plugin that should be used.

Please try one of these other plugins in this list: https://wordpress.org/plugins/search/ssl/.

Really Simple SLL fixed it!

Awesome news! Thanks for updating us 🙂

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