I Changed URL & Broke my Blog

OK I really screwed up. First of all, what I did:

I migrated my blog from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, using the WordPress addon that my Godaddy hosting provides with my subscription. I successfully set up the new .org blog, migrated over all my posts from 2015-on, chose a theme and all that.

What happened: I didn’t realize that by adding the blog to my existing godaddy account, my main page would now open the wordpress blog. I mean, I thought that it would be a sub-directory of my website, but it became my entire website. I thought I would need to specify www.****.net/wordpress, or like that. But WP loaded at www.*****.net.

What I thought would fix it: So on the page (which I can no longer access) which gives the chance to change my URL, in the first box I appended my URL with /1910_Voynich, which thinking that this would become my new link. Well (of course to you peeps) it broke the link TO the blog, and to any chance of me getting to my dashboard for my WP blog.

Yes, I’m an idiot (to get that out of the way, and save time). But can anyone tell me if there is a way to put that URL back to the original one, so that I can at least access my blog dashboard again?

Much thanks in advance.

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