I can’t select my menus anymore in Appearance > Menus

Install and activate the Health Check & Troubleshooting plugin. Enter troubleshooting mode. All plugins will be deactivated and your theme switched to the latest available default twenty* theme. This only affects your view, others still see your normal site. You should be able to select your menus now, though they may no longer be assigned to theme menu areas. Restore your theme and plugins, one at a time, from the troubleshooting item in the admin bar. Check menu accessibility after each. When it fails, the last activated item is the cause.

If you cannot even access menus with twenty* theme and no plugins, the menu items saved in your database may have become corrupted.

Thanks bcworkz !

It appeared to be an issue of compatibility between JetEngine & WPML. I’ll investigate about that, thank you for your help !


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