http to https brake wordpress

Your URL protocol of that site is HTTP, not HTTPS. I checked your site.

To move to HTTPS requires a server setting, it is not a WordPress Admin setting. WordPress admin settings, have to follow the server settings.

If you get access issues or HTTP is not showing or HTTPS is not showing, then you need to contact your hosting service. Your HTTP/HTTPS protocol is managed at their end.

By the way, Google has encouraged all websites to move to HTTPS protocol, which you should and most hosting services provide a free version of SSL which is what gives you HTTPS. Contact your hosting service for more information.

Also, any time you change things like URL protocols on a website, clear your browser cache before testing it.

Google & HTTPS requirements:

It’s WordPress setting that turned the website into inaccessible web site. The setting belongs to WordPress not to Host. From WordPress dashboard I set that and the web site become inaccessible.

James Huff


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Yes, that is a setting in the WordPress Dashboard, but it was used improperly, that’s not WordPress’s fault.

It’s also not something we can fix for you.

Please follow the steps already posted above to get WordPress working properly under HTTPS.

So basically WordPress has a setting and if you set it you can redo and brake your installation and people from WordPress redirects you to Google articles. Wonderful

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James Huff


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Yes, you could also change those fields to if you wanted to.

There are plenty of settings you could change to break your site, whether you do or not is not really our responsibility, all of these settings are fully documented.

For example, how to get WordPress operating under HTTPS properly:

Or, how to change those settings back directly in the database if you can no longer access the Dashboard:

What the other person provided above are the steps you need to take to get your server properly set up for HTTPS, or essentially what to do if you skipped the first few steps in the first support document I linked to.

I understand you’re frustrated, but blaming someone else for a setting you changed isn’t going to help you get this fixed.

Thanks James, nice documentation, I solve it. Deleted everything and started a fresh install, install the certificate and now It’s SECURED.

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