How to Recover WordPress site after domain/hosting expired?

James Huff


Volunteer Moderator

Unless you were keeping your own backups, your only option is to ask your hosting provider’s support if they still have a backup of your account.

Don’t know if it will help you, but the site is on the wayback machine, including the source code, which may help you rebuild it.

I contacted Siteground support and they said they keep backups for 30 days at which point they are terminated. Unfortunately, it’s been 50 days so it’s gone.

Thank you very much for the wayback machine link. With that, I’ve been able to access 90% of my content (which was all the evergreen content) and save it in my files. If I’m going to rebuild the site, that will be invaluable.


Like the above member stated you will need to build your website from scratch if you don’t have a backup. If you ever wanted a host that would save backups for your website, you could try

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