How to put a sidebar on product page



You have disabled right click on your site. As a result I could not ascertain the theme you are using.

Please identify exactly which theme you are using and then post in that theme’s dedicated support forum so the theme’s developers and support community can help you with this.

If this is a commercial theme or plugin, we ask that you please go to their official support channel, so you can get support from the people who know it best.

Forum volunteers are not given access to commercial products, so they would not know why it is not working properly. Other community members who may have faced your issue might be able to help you but your best bet is your product’s developer. Keep in mind we encourage you to use the official support venues, as it allows the developers to be aware of issues with their code and gives back to the community in a more robust way

As the author is aware, commercial products are not supported in these forums.

i will do just that. i really wish i could get a solution as soon as posible

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