How to Make User agreement form?

Hi all,

I’m running a service where people send me their used stuff and I sell it for them. I use a WP site to interact with customers.

Basically, I need to create form that they can virtually sign (something like those, ‘click the box to sign’ type deals?), so that they legally acknowledge that, in sending their goods to me, they transfer ownership to me and grant me permission to sell it.

If possible, I would also like it to function as a sort of contract, whereby it states that I am obligated to attempt to sell their stuff for the best possible price; but IDK if that’s really pertinent to this post.

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone might have any tips for me with this issue? I’ve tried using the ‘agreeable’ plugin, but it seems that it only opens up when someone opens a specific page and I would prefer for this form to work both as its own page and as a pop-up when someone clicks a link.

Anyone have any experience with making user agreements? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’m a big time amateur and I wouldn’t bother you guys if I wasn’t really and truly stuck.


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