How to create a form allowing any user to send an email to anyone

Yes. Most forms plugins allow you to set the “to” address either directly by using a value from the form or via a filter that you’d have to code.

I appreciate the quick response. However, after look at the top three mail form plugins, not of the seem to allow me to create a form with a mailto field. What is see is that they provide an email field which captures the email field but does not allow the use of the email by the user. Make sense?

I want a form that allows the user to provide an email address and then click send which then sends an email to that email address along with a other information provided from the form or page.

So, can you point me to a plugin that will do that?


>> Make sense? <<

No. You can create a “to” address field and then use it when sending the email. I recommend

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