How to copy the child-theme


It is simply a matter of copying the child theme directory from your copy site to live

e.g. cloned .. wp-content/themes/my-child-theme -> live wp-content/themes/my-child-theme

using you favourite file management tool ( e.g. FTP, SCP or control panel file manager )

Then when copied, go to live dashboard > appearance > themes and activate the child theme


Thanks for your advice. Steps performed as follow;

Download Child-theme on the cloned site as
Upload the zip file to live site ~/wp-content/themes/
Extract the zip file online

appearance > themes and activate the child-theme

Problem still unsolved. The home page mess up


Hi Fullworks.

I have been spending hours and couldn’t fix the problem

Browing the website on Firefox there is no problem
Browing the website on Chrome all pages are messed up
(I have been cleaning all cookies and data on Chrome and it doesn’t help)

This PC is running Oralce VirtualBox.
Browsing the website on both Firefox and Chrome of a VM/Guest all pages are messed up.


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Hi Fullworks,

Problem solved.

I have to extract the .zip file on local PC before uploading the folder including all their files to the live website


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