how do I report malware in a WP plugin??

Hi everyone,

My site recently experienced a malware attack. Thankfully, I found an information security expert to clean things up.

The WP plugin that appears to have introduced this malware is called [redacted]

It had been installed, apparently by a hacker, into the site, and this caused the site numerous problems that required expert help to fix.

I had attempted to review the plugin here on but today, I see that my comment was deleted and the plugin page now has just a few reviews. Note that it has more bad reviews than good ones.

I think this plugin ought to be removed from

I would also caution other site owners to seek out this plugin and remove it, so that costly site repairs are not necessary.

WordPress folks – please check into this problem. I’m clearly not the only person who experienced this issue.

Many thanks, and keep up the good work!

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