How do I make a specific checkout page?

I’ve been trying to find a way to make a website to sell my services on. This is my first time ever attempting anything related to web design and WordPress. If anyone could help me out on getting started, it would be greatly appreciated.

So what I want to sell isn’t a physical product, and I don’t have a physical building for the business. Everything will be online, basically. So far that’s simple, which can be found on most website builders for online stores. But the thing is, I want a web page that’s a little more specific for what I’m doing. I don’t think I’ll have an issue with making a home page, FAQ page, Help page, About page, and all that since what I’m mostly worried about is the checkout page.

The service is related to video editing. Here’s an example: if a customer wants a video edited, the cost will be, for example, $1 per minute of the video(s) submitted. My first issue is adding that kind of function into the checkout process (the part where a certain amount is charged per minute of the video). The second issue is another function which is being able to submit their video as a link or a file. The last function I want is being able to view, on some other page, whatever videos were submitted (that only employees could view, obviously). Once I edit the video, I want to be able to send the video back to the customer (with them being notified exactly when it’s finished.) After they review it, I want there to be something like three buttons they can press: Approve, Redo, or Refund. Something like that. I didn’t fully decide yet. But honestly, that last part doesn’t really matter. As long as customers can submit videos, I can view the videos submitted, get paid successfully, and send the video back to the customer, that’s really all that matters, and I’d worry about the extra things later.

I don’t really know how plugins work yet, but before I got into it more I wanted to save some time and see if anyone else had any ideas on whether there was anything similar to what I need (it doesn’t have to be exactly what I described, just something that can get the job done). The closest representation to what I want is a website called “Rev” but it’s for captioning. If you look at their checkout process, you can submit the video as a file, link, etc. So Rev is basically the best example on what I need, I just don’t know how to design a web page like that or how to use WordPress for that.

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