Homepage post font is bold, post font is not

I can see three instances of the opening HTML tag for bold <strong> within the excerpts on your homepage… but without the corresponding ending tag </strong>.

As the problem is in your excerpts, you’ll find the same issue wherever excerpts are used: search results, category pages, daily/monthly/yearly archives, etc (you’ll only see it if you have two or more posts).

A normal WordPress excerpt strips off all HTML code from the auto-generated excerpt.

But it appears your theme (or whatever you’re using to generate these excerpts) is keeping the HTML code in the generated excerpts. And as you have bold text at the beginning of your posts, your excepts include the beginning code for bold, but it cuts off before the closing code for bold.

As you’re using a commercial theme, we’re unable to do any tests to find out what exactly is going on behind the scenes and help you, as we don’t have access to the code for the theme.

You’ll have to reach out to your theme’s author for assistance with this.

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