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Hi there,

By default, WordPress shows your posts on the homepage.

If you want a custom page as your homepage and all posts on another page, for example, all posts here: https://justiris.co.uk/blog, then you have to first create separate pages for home (which you have already created) and posts.

After that you need to go Appearance >> Customize >> Homepage Settings in your WordPress Admin Area. Then select A static page option (https://prnt.sc/tx3g98).

And in the Static page, you can select your created Homepage and Posts Page (https://prnt.sc/tx3h2j).

Once you would do this properly you will get your custom homepage and posts page for your website.

Please let me know if you have any further questions or want any help. 🙂

Thank you, that’s fixed it. Many thanks for your help and speedy reply.

I’m marking this as resolved now. Thank you

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