Help with creating a directory to other pages on a blog site

I’m very new to all of this so there may be a simple fix I’m missing. I’m creating a website for posting literary analyses and am working on creating a page that links to all of my other essays as a table of contents.

Ideally, I want to create a hierarchical structure like how the Table of Contents widget works. Therefore it would have sections with links to different essays within each section.

I tried the table of contents widget but it seems it only links to headers and the like within the same page, not to other pages. When I tried to use the Icons List widget it seems the hierarchical style can’t be produced and I can only align left, right, or center.

The only published posts on my page currently are quick and dirty rough drafts of some essays so looking at my site won’t be helpful.

Any assistance or guidance in how to set up a hierarchical link structure would be much appreciated.

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