Header/Navbar not active until it becomes sticky

As the title suggests, my navbar will not link to my pages until you scroll even the slightest amount down. The only page that does not do this is the home page, but once you click to any of the other pages, the header does nothing, even the logo doesn’t link back to the homepage. It doesn’t even have the hover properties of a link, its just dead until you scroll down, and even then, it puts a white bar in the middle of the header. The theme I am using is called Phlox and the template is one of their own for portfolios. I’ve tried taking out the logo to see if that’s the problem, switching header templates from elementor, and turning off/on sticky header and header overlay respectively. As you can assume, this is a pretty crucial part of the site, and any insight on how I can fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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