Gravatar: does not except my email as login (and username = email)

So, I did not quite expect that trying to add an author photo on my website would take me down a 2-3 hour journey eventually leaving me with nothing to show for.

I’m here now and pretty much at the end of my wits.

Here’s what happens:

In my wordpress dashboard –> “You can change your profile picture on Gravatar.” –> key in my email –> Please log in using your username instead of your email address.

OK, well unfortunately my email IS my username.

Went down the rabbit hole of trying to change my username (as you’re somehow not allowed to this in your WP dashboard), researched plugins etc – gave up on that. Figured I’d just transfer all my posts to a new account. :/

Created a new account – now ensuring the email isn’t the username as well.

New error: “User does not exist. Would you like to create a new account?”

I mean honestly? Same mssg when using my username or email I made for this new account.

Created this new account now to access the forums – I go to gravatar and it seems it picks this one up…. but this one is obviously not linked to my wordpress website! No use.

Anyway, the bottom line is I can’t have a photo next to my blog posts now and I generated a newfound hatred for Gravatar and it’s useless error messages, and I have NO CLUE why I just can’t add a tiny little photo on my WP dashboard w/o having to go thru this hell.

Some advise here would be much appreciated!

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