Full Width Page Not Scrolling (js issue?)

I am trying to finish up my WordPress portfolio website with elementor. I’m using the RT Portfolio theme, which I decided to hack up a bit. The website was scrolling and working fine for a while, but then I decided to make the Illustration (front page) and Design pages Elementor Full-Width. Since then, the pages won’t scroll down. It scrolls in Elementor Canvas mode, but I need the sidebar for Navigating the website.

I’ve been looking through all the PHP, CSS, and JS (not that I really know what I’m doing), editing the code, checking if it changed anything, then changing it back. From all of the forum posts similar to this, people seem to think it is a java issue.

I’ve also deacitvated all my plugins except Elementor, emptied all my caches, checked in several different browsers, but to no help. I have also set my wp-debug to true and the elementor-debug says (elementor header-footer.php) so I’m assuming this may have to do with me removing the footer from the site? idk.

This problem is specifically with desktop browser view. On my android, with two different browsers the scrolling is fine.

I’d love to learn more about web development for the future (i’m a novice), so if you could explain why this issue is happening it would be an immense help.

thank you!

The page I need help with: [log in to see the link]

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