Free Speech: Limitations and Policies

Hello WordPress Community,

I would like to know more about WordPress’s Terms of Services (ToS) and especially about Freedom of Speech.

I did find the corresponding policies here:

All policies are not very explicit about abuse.

While we don’t limit the range of opinions allowed on, we’re strict about certain behaviors and remove content that violates our Terms of Service, such as spam and threats of violence.


– content that is spam
– adult content not suitable for general audiences
– abusive content
– content that promotes self–harm/suicide
– content that infringes your copyright


  • What do you understand under ‘abusive content’?
  • I do unterstand that I don’t have to share a opinion, but what are the limitations?
  • Is it okay to discriminate people/groups/religions?
  • Is it okay to spread false information?
  • e.g. is it okay to deny the holocaust
  • Is it okay to spread hate?

Personally I do not agree with the approach of just creating a new blog and speek against hate or whatever you happend to find. I simple think it’s often hopeless and while trying to speak against it, the hate spreads and wordpress is creating a plattform.

Thank you for clarification

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