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How have you set the favicon? Did you use the Site Identity tab in the customizer? See https://i.imgur.com/EeA2BCr.png

Thank you for super-speedy service Steven and a great answer – I did that and fixed my problem.

Wasn’t being as dumb as it sounds. Am using Avada theme and in it’s many options is a favicon one – which I set to my favicon. That however only worked if one wasnt in the dashboard etc.

So long story short I set it in both. Curiously now when I go to an admin page it still shows the Wpress one for about half a second (?!!) before changing its mind and using my icon. A minor matter though now – much easier to track my tabs now www is consistent favicon-ed.

Many thanks!


Because you’re using a commercial theme, please use their official support channel. We feel they are best equipped to support their products.


Commercial products are not supported in these forums.

Hi Steven – I wasn’t suggesting in the slightest that its anything to do with you guys – however clearly WPRess overriding when it comes to the dashboard and this question has been posted before (and others have it – hi alex).

Anyway simplest if not perfect answer defo works (although leaves bookmark with wrong favicon) – change favicon in *two* places….

Thanks for your solution!


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