Error 404 with wordpress network subdomain


Looks as tho this is already resolved ?

Thanks but I want that works !


Ah. Sure. I would talk to your host.
A FQDN can has as many subdomain levels as you want. The path just needs to be BINDed in your NS record. If you are using CloudFlare, you can set it up in there.
Otherwise, unless there is an option to create this depth in your cPanel or Plesk, the host can do it for you. Remember you’ll need to apply a wildcard SSL to your domain.

Thanks a lot dear Corrinarusso.
I am not using CloudFlare but Ionos 1&1.
I have called one host “expert” yesterday and he could not help me.
I have a wildcard SSL *
I will see if I can use Plesk.

Dear Corrina.
To be sure to be clear. My issue is not to create a subdomain in 1&1. It is easy.
My issue it to make my network wordpress sub site in subdomain work.
network site : : works
subsite : : does not work


Yes. Unless there is something else missing, the previous reply is still valid.

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