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use your-domain-dot-com/wp-admin

I don’t need to get to the wordpress dashboard. I need users on my site to enter their data into my site. As seen here: http://dev7.digitalmayberry.com/login

Your question lacks the necessary detail to even guess what you meant.

Perhaps you could provide more detail, like what plugins and themes you are using and some one else may be able to help.

As it stands that ‘form’ must have been added by something – a shortcode or a block or a custom page template, most likely via a plugin

The only help I can give you is to say to you look carefully at the differences between the one that works and the one that doesn’t.

There is a username field on the page linked in your OP. Either you’ve since resolved this or there’s something odd about your browser view because the page looks fine to me.

Definitely wasn’t there yesterday when i looked and it is now so I assume resolved.

When in doubt, blame it on caching 🙂 I’m marking this topic as resolved. You may still add replies if something comes up.

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