Enable registration to my account page layout messed up

Hi @cbbr. What you can do is just help you css resize those blocks. Do you know how to edit your theme? On your WordPress Dashboard, on the left menu – Appearance – Theme Editor. On the right hand look for bootstrap.css. Copy all the code in that file and paste it into a notepad or some word processor you have on your computer and save the file somewhere you can find it easily, this is just to have a backup.

In theme editor on bootstrap.css, close to line 963 under .col-1 there is a line max-width: 8.333333%;, change the 8.333333% to 60%. This will change the block size of the left block. Also on line 971 under .col-2 the line max-width: 16.666667%, change to 60%. Click save at bottom. Go refresh your page(https://shop.cbbr.org.uk/my-account/). if you want the blocks bigger or smaller you can adjust that 60% on both those places. Let me know if this helped?

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Dear Carlo,
Thank you very much.
I have fixed it now.
For anyone interested,
if you can’t see “Theme Editor” as me, you need to install the plugin “Theme Editor”.
bootstrap.css in the folder under Theme Fils, Assets/css

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That’s awesome @cbbr . Glad it is sorted. Have a great day.

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