Embed Video Not Displaying Consistently

Hi, I have a WordPress 5.5.1 running on http://localhost:8080 with PHP 7.4.10.

I see a strange behavior with just simple embed video, and can use some help.

I created a Post with a YouTube Block (also tried with Embed URL Block, or shortcode but they all have similar result) that suppose to embed a video. (Example link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DEX6xxNCJY8) But when I preview or publish the Post, I only see the URL, not the embedded video.

What’s more strange is that, when I revisit the same page few hours later, I can see the embedded videos! But then as soon as I modify the Post, the video will not display again.

I also tried the same on WordPress.com instance, but there has no problem with embed video. I can preview/publish immediately. So it seems only happens when I run WP in localhost instance. Is this expected behavior? Has anyone face the same issue?

Much Thanks!

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