Email changed on admin password reset

Hi everyone!
I’m trying to reset the admin user password using the standard “Lost Password?” form but, before resetting the password, I changed the admin email inside the database. The problem is that when I ask WordPress to reset the password using the form (I’m talking about the page in which you enter the username/email for the user you want to reset the password and it sends the email with the link) the previously changed email in the database reverts automatically to the old mail and the reset password link is sent to the old mail.

My objective is to change the admin email (just the login one, all the WP notification should continue to be sent to the old mail) in order to avoid password resets to other people which can access the “old” email address.

Just to recap:

1) Go to phpMyAdmin and change admin email to a new one (let’s say from to
2) Go to the “Lost Password?” form and reset password for “admin”
3) Just right after clicking the “Send mail” button, the password in the DB gets resetted to
4) The mail in sent to

Hope you can help with this!

Thank you!

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