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Developing web is not my job, I managed to install a WP and a theme and I manage to make everything working by looking at tutorials and help that i can found everywhere.

I need some help, because I don’t find the way to understand what is the best way to change the ID of the categories.

In my theme there is a mega menu, I can sort subcategories by alphabetically or by ID.
– Alphabetically is not very good
– By ID not very good too because the ID’s in the good order.

I have read that I have to change the IDs in the database…. but didn’t find where i have to search and how to do it without blocking/braking everything (because perhaps I’m a newbee ;-)).


By example :
– Valence from ID 7 –> ID 50
– Rhone Alpes from ID 8 –> ID 60
– …
– Thaïlande from ID 11 –> ID 80
– Dubaï from ID 10 –> ID 90

Many thanks for your kind help.

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