edit page missing from admin bar

I have searched all over google, and reworded the issue. Most issues are years old, or in regards to specific plugins I do not even have. I have not found a relevant solution.

The edit page button on my admin bar has gone missing suddenly today.

What I have done:

.disabled all plugins
.Changed to two different generic themes
.Made sure Enable toolbar when viewing site is enabled
.Turned on, and off the flashy admin bar from jetpack

The closest thing that I could pinpoint when the edit button went missing from the admin bar, was when I went to the customize page and removed some sub-menus. I am pretty sure after that, it vanished.

I can go into the dashboard and into the pages tab and edit from there, so not the end of the world. regardless, I prefer the seamless option to have a button to edit the page I am on what I think is called the front end.

If there are methods to input some css code, I would need very clear and simple instruction. I’m new to editing websites, and only have used block editors. I have never needed to use code. The only times I did was to add some code in the css to force some images to centre.

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