Duplicate grids with essential grid not working


I am using essential grid to display custom galleries on my posts and pages. If I want to use one grid, it works fine. If I want to use more than 1 grid, the grid (and associated alias) have to be different. This is inconvenient for posts or pages in which I would like to display several grids. If I use the same grid multiple times on one post, only the last one shows up. I’ve tested this by creating 3 different pages showing different scenario:
Page 1 shows 2 duplicate grids with 2 different aliases
Page 2 shows 2 identical grids with the same aliases, only the second grid shows
Page 3 shows 3 identical grids with the same aliases, only the last grid shows

Currently, I have duplicated my first grid (11 times) in order to have 12 different aliases for multiple grids to display properly. This works but is pretty silly if I ever want to change a setting within the grid. I haven’t found a solution to this in my searches and yes, I’ve tried deactivating all plugins to fix this.

Is it even possible or do essential grids used on the same page/post have to have different aliases?

Thanks for any input

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