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Hello all,

I added the “Content Views” plug-in to try to get the same behaviors as my old Drupal 7 site had.

On my WP in progress site, I’ve created a bunch of testimonials using “Pods – Custom Content Types and Fields”, but I need to have them displayed in a view not all separately on a menu or a page.

It “seems” (I could be wrong here) that this Content Views requires I pay at least $39 for the Pro version to get the same Drupal views type functionality that I got for free with custom content types.

In this case, I could probably just get a Testimonials plug-in, but since I may create other custom content types, it’s probably a good idea to figure this out now.

So, is this WP plug-in the best (only?) one to create views for custom content types (assuming you pay for Pro)?

Thanks in advance,

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